Speaking of Nassau.

Nassau is a very touristy place with a lot of souvenir stores,  market places where the similar souvenirs are sold and of course many many hotels. According to tourismtoday.com there are 53 hotels in Nassau and Paradise Island combined. For a very long time hotels around the world use the works of art to decorate and enhance their atmosphere. Some of them are even double as art galleries, for example the Dolder Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland that  has works of Salvadore Dali, Joan Miro, Henry Moore to name a few.

So it is only logical that the newest and grandest of Nassau’s hotels Baha Mar uses the work of the local artists to introduce tourists to the culture of the Bahamas. Its art gallery ” The Current” tirelessly works on popularizing the works of young arts and art in general through exhibitions, classes, residnecy and artists’ talks.o

One of their artists,  Steffon Grant, has his first solo exhibition in the nearby hotel Melia. He named it “By the Way” musing on the fact that his works can be viewed by visitors who simply pass by.

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